Sunday, April 25, 2010

I can see now!

Last week I finally got my glasses and I had to wait about three weeks to get my glasses. So about 3 weeks ago I had eye test and it was weird. The lady took pictures of my eyes and when I saw my eye it was kind of gross. So my mom took pictures of me in my glasses so I can put them on my blog.
When I was thinking of a pose my mom took the picture! and I was kind of well you know.

And this is when my mom took the picture! and I was all mom! I was thinking of a pose and she was all come on it was a good picture and I said ok!

Paige wanted my mom to take a picture of her too.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Young Monsters

This is me when in i was young.I was at my cousins house and my grandma was reading us a book called pumpkin pie and i really like that book because well i just like the book.My cousins names are Brooklyn, lily, Otto, and ruby. She is so funny! 1 time she screamed cuz my uncle Brett tried to steal a french fri from her and i call her the scream.

This is Paige when she was younger. As you see, she was playing with my my castle with her dumb Little Ponies. I think she was about four in this picture.

This is Owen. He was about two months old here. He wasn't as much fun as Holland as a baby but he was still a good baby.

Here is Holland. She is about six weeks in this picture. She knows how to roll over and she loves to grab at things. She will be five months old on my birthday, which is Monday. She is a pretty fun baby. She doesn't care if you lift her up in your hands. And she can stand up and sit in my Dad's hand.
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